What is the point of skirting boards?

Back in the days, skirting boards were primarily used for concealing the wiring and uneven edges. A majority of the homeowners essentially opted for skirting boards for adding a definite shape and structure to the lower section of their houses, and they used it while the walls under construction were still wet-plastered. The point of the skirting boards was to conceal the junction of the floor with the wall, and it also played a vital role in achieving a neat and clear edge to the plaster attached towards the bottom of the wall.

It also inspired the homeowners to use architraves for a number of reasons. Now, the concept of installing skirting board to the house is pretty much alive but, it has been modernized to meet the tastes of people. We have neat sheets of machine-cut plasterboards as well as the metal edge beads for plaster, and it may be responsible for eradicating the option of installing skirting board in the first place.

Of course, we strive on the image of minimalism, and we would go beyond miles to make sure that we would be able to conceal the hideous wiring without ever requiring skirting boards. But, regardless of the latest options that we have—there is yet to be an alternative to the skirting board, which adds clarity and structure to the wall.

As homeowners, we would want to be able to make an impression on our guests. Also, it adds value to the house, and it proves effective for improving the ROI of the house that you have purchased in the long run. skirting boards make excellent investment regardless of your stance on it. It is certainly the best option to add layers and dimensions to your house to improve its structure.